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Executive Armchairs

Poltrona direzionale mr24_riganelli


Mr.24 is an executive chair designed and made specifically for all those who need to sit for a continuous and prolonged time. It is designed for those engagements where the physical presence at one's workstation must be continuous. H24 in…
Expo poltrona direzioanale con schienale alto e poggiatesta - riganelli


Expo is an executive chair with a high mesh or upholstered backrest and headrest. It can also be configured in a version without a headrest, which is ideal for operational areas, visitors but also for the meeting room. Practical and…
open up poltrona direzionale poltroncina girevole -riganelli - Copia


Open Up is an executive chair that disrupts the concept of office seating. In fact, its main and distinguishing feature is the seat-back adjustment capability with an opening angle of up to 45 degrees, which allows you to work sitting,…
Jada poltrona direzionale - riganelli


Jada is a very elegant and comfortable executive chair. It is available in versions with headrest or lower backrest and with various types of fixed or wheeled bases. Combinations of upholstery, colors and accessories allow this executive chair to furnish…
Cosm poltrona direzionale ergonomica e di design herman miller - riganelli


Cosm is the innovative office chair designed by Herman Miller. A highly technological and sophisticated seat for total comfort and ease of use. Cosm's design is designed to respond to body movements in a completely natural way. It helps maintain…

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