How is it possible to give a table a soft design while keeping it solid and versatile?

We explored into the universe of materials and stole from the bathroom world a substance as hard as stone but natural and warm to the touch: CorianĀ®.

This almost lunar material is composed of high-strength minerals and resins that give it some unique features: hardness, strength, porelessness, durability, low-maintenance antibacterial surface and easy cleaning.

The organic lines of Moonlight are waves that move through space giving brightness and taste to the environment.

Moonlight complements living spaces as well as the home office by blending in with the surrounding decor whether it is minimal or sophisticated.

With Moonlilght Midj winks at nature: CorianĀ® is an ecological material, 100% recyclable.

Completing the collection are the Guapa swivel chair and the Guapa Guest chair.

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