Klass tavolo allungabile casa cucina ufficio - riganelli


Klass tavolo allungabile casa cucina ufficio - riganelli


Klass is an extending table that offers a wide choice of sizes, finishes and materials. The top is available in melamine, polished or frosted crystal, and crystal-ceramic. The frame is made of steel or aluminum. Elegant and with a decidedly…


Frattino is a no-frills table made entirely of oak. It highlights a reference to the large tables of Renaissance refectories, with a distinctly Nordic touch. Available in both fixed and extendable versions.


Caruso urges you to sit back, take a break, and rediscover the magic of listening to and seeing an object that plays good music. It stands on the edge of irony, a little bit futuristic, a little bit nostalgic, succeeding…


Badù is an elegant table with painted steel legs and top made in numerous finishes: melamine, crystal and crystal-ceramic. Refined materials for a classy environment. Available in different extendable versions, ideal for large and small spaces.


A world in a room. The Abitacolo "Casetta" is a multifunctional bed that is assembled with only 8 screws and meets all the needs of kids in a minimum space. It offers the possibility of being accessorized with baskets, shelves…


Armando is a modern design table made of white or ash steel, and in the extendable version it is also available with a white melamine top. Thanks to its simple yet refined line Armando tastefully furnishes any room, from the…


How is it possible to give a table a soft design while keeping it solid and versatile? We explored into the universe of materials and stole from the bathroom world a substance as hard as stone but natural and warm…
golf composizione letto a castello -riganelli


Let's design your bedroom furniture together, making the most of your space with space-saving furniture could make rooms bigger than you can imagine!


If you can't do without the coziness and warmth that only a classically designed kitchen can provide, visit us and together we will turn your dream into reality.
cucina componibile moderna paragon -riganelli


Come and choose the kitchen you've always wanted, you can see in the design phase how it will be realized thanks to the 3d rendering we will develop for free.


Come and discover the living area, with our experience and your style we will create the home of your dreams…Project and estimate always free!


The living area in the office is very important: not only for its practicality, but also for its ability to recreate home and convivial environments within a work setting.The layout of the space is an important factor in defining a…

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