Mea sgabelli tecnici foto principale
Technical stools


The Mea technical stool is a very versatile work seat. In fact, it is made in numerous versions that differ in the type of mechanism, seat or base.

There are thus fixed or height-adjustable stools by gas elevation, to be chosen according to the surface on which you work.

The Mea line of technical stools also features three different types of seats:

  • in integral polyurethane interior made of wood particle board (MDF);
  • in multilayer wood;
  • padded with flexible polyurethane foam.

They are made with a 4-leg base or fixed feet, but some versions can be completed with braked, rubberized, or other types of wheels. The latter are chosen in relation to the work to be done to ensure maximum safety for users.

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Mea sgabello tecnico da laboratorio con seduta elevabile - riganelli
mea wood sgabelli tecnici da lavoro con seduta in legno - riganelli
Mea sgabelli tecnici fissi o con elevazione a gas - riganelli

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