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Technical stools

George sgabelli tecnici regolabili con poggia ginocchia - riganelli


George is a special technical work stool with a knee rest. An unconventional seat designed to achieve a posture that ensures that the back is kept straight even if there is no supportive backrest. The interior of the seat and…
Tekna stool sgabelli tecnici regolabili da lavoro - riganelli


The Tekna line offers a technical work stool with a self-supporting mesh backrest. A comfortable ergonomic seat with synchronized seat and back mechanism and gas lift. The footrest ring is adjustable in height to give more relief to the legs.…
Tiger sgabello tecnico regolabile da lavoro - riganelli


Tiger is an adjustable technical stool that offers all the comfort of an upholstered seat made of flexible polyurethane foam. An ideal stool for those who spend many hours sitting and performing precision work in industries, laboratories, but also for…
Mea sgabelli tecnici foto principale


The Mea technical stool is a very versatile work seat. In fact, it is made in numerous versions that differ in the type of mechanism, seat or base. There are thus fixed or height-adjustable stools by gas elevation, to be…


Prema is an adjustable technical stool for industries and laboratories. The seat and backrest are made of integral polyurethane and multilayer wood interior and are equipped with a synchronous mechanism. Practical and versatile, the Prema technical work stool is also…

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