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Be.1 is a furniture system dedicated to the contemporary operational office. Extremely configurable, it is also perfectly suited to domestic home office contexts.

The main feature of Be.1 is its ring-shaped leg, made of laser-cut and bent rectangular-section steel tube.

This operating system makes it possible to create multiple compositions by connecting desks and benches together and adding accessories such as screens and storage units.

In fact, it is designed for the current need for flexibility in the office, offering itself as a solution to support multiple work modes simultaneously.

Be.1 is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. In fact, its design includes a melamine work surface (18mm) that visually thins the structure but rests on two sturdy under-top beams attached to the leg brackets.

Completing the system are the different solutions for clapping the desk top, in the technical compartments and the easy assembly of drawer units and other multifunctional elements.

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Be1 ufficio di design -riganelli
Be1 ufficio operativo multipostazione -riganelli
be1 scrivania operativa accessoriabile con divisori fonoassorbenti -riganelli
be1 ufficio direzionale di design -riganelli
be1 tavoli alti con ruote per l'ufficio -riganelli
Be1 tavolo meeting -riganelli
Be1 tavolo scrivania con top access - riganelli
be1 scrivania bench per ufficio operativo -riganelli
Be1 scrivania operativa - riganelli
be1 sistema multipostazione per ufficio operativo -riganelli
be1 sistema per l'ufficio operativo -riganelli
be1 sistema operativo per ufficio meeting -riganelli
be1 sistema operativo per l'ufficio -riganelli
be1 scrivania operativa gambe ad anello bianche - riganelli
be1 scrivania operativa gambe ad anello nere -riganelli
be1 scrivania operativa multipostazione -riganelli
be1 scrivania operativa tavolo meeting -riganelli
be1 sistema per l'arredo di uffici operativi -riganelli
be1 sistemi per l'arredo di uffici operativi -riganelli
be1 sistemi per l'arredo di ufficio operativo -riganelli

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