Enna scrivania ufficio operativo e per la casa -riganelli


Be1 ufficio di design -riganelli


Be.1 is a furniture system dedicated to the contemporary operational office. Extremely configurable, it is also perfectly suited to domestic home office contexts. The main feature of Be.1 is its ring-shaped leg, made of laser-cut and bent rectangular-section steel tube.…


Designed for smooth change of posture from sitting to standing and vice versa, se:lab twin is equipped with an electric motor, easily operated by a handy side button.


Rendez-vous is an operational office furniture system designed to facilitate space sharing. In fact, it offers different types of workstations from desks to high tables, ideal for flexible workspace.


Nomad Table is a tall table made with a rectangular-section steel tube frame on casters with brakes. A practical footrest crossbar completes the table.
Oslo scrivanie operative due postazioni con gambe colorate -riganelli


Oslo line of operational desks with current design in playful and nice shapes. It thus furnishes the office by offering endless ergonomic and functional configurable solutions. Oslo operative desks offer metal legs in 7 different finishes: white, aluminum, anthracite, powder…

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