Agency design

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The proposed solution identifies a configuration designed for an environment that is open to the public, an agency whose main need is to welcome customers to show content, compare and sell.

Therefore, the aspects to be evaluated are multiple: not only functionality but also image and comfort.

Image and comfort

The shades chosen on the blue scale spread tranquility and reliability to those who enter. The client is welcomed into a serene, almost familiar context, which is developed on the union of three main colors perfectly alternating with each other: light blue, gray and white.

The design configures different situations. In particular, there are two operational desks where to initially welcome customers and where to conclude the sale, equipping the stations with PCs and additional necessary working tools.

But there is also an informal corner with a round table and a few chairs, where people can sit down to discuss, compare and elaborate on proposals, in a context where the roles defined on opposite sides of the desk are cancelled.

Acoustic well-being

As in all our projects, here we also evaluate and enhance acoustic well-being, proposing sound-absorbing solutions that fit into the environment in the form of pictures, with the composition of Snowsound Flat sound-absorbing wall panels, and practical transportable partitions, the Oversize floor panels used to define the boundary with an area intended for other functions.

Modular bookcase

For the agency’s display need, the chosen furniture system is the Socrates: a modular bookcase with extreme flexibility of composition.

In this project Socrates is presented as a self-supporting bookshelf with minimal style, ideal for the arrangement of everything that can be displayed: catalogs, books, folders, objects.

It is also configured fixed to the wall as display bookcases of different sizes composed of metal structure and inclined shelves.

The special feature of the Socrates system is that it can be repositioned and integrated at any time, should the need arise to reconfigure the work space or relocate the business to a new environment.

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