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Each project is unique. Around this idea ZEROCINQUE was born. A modular, high-tech system designed on principles of simplicity and modularity.

A product designed to accommodate the widest range of retail accessories on the market.

Simple, clean lines that can be customized 360° thanks to an exclusive range of materials.

ROBUSTNESS Customer service and checkout area are the most experienced areas in a point of sale. The ZEROCINQUE counter stands out from industry standards for its technical qualities and high strength, thus revolutionizing the concept of wear and tear.

FUNCTIONALITY ZEROCINQUE was designed not only as a support point or product display, but as a true “nerve center” within the point of sale. The wide range of dedicated accessories allows the back counter area to be configured according to specific needs.

AESTHETICS Beauty is functional. The minimalist aesthetic that characterizes ZEROCINQUE translates into simple and effective solutions. Extreme care in the choice of materials and surfaces results in an experience that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

CONVENIENCE Lots of ideas for customizing ZEROCINQUE. A philosophy that allows retailers to optimize their resources by leaving room for only what they deem necessary. Added to this is LED technology that almost totally negates the concept of “maintenance” over time and ensures significant savings in consumption.

All this is ZEROCINQUE, because you and your store are unique.

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