Sipario fonoassorbente per sala conferenze - realizzazione riganelli


We designed and built this sound-absorbing curtain for a company in the Macerata area.

The need was to divide two different rooms and at the same time correct their acoustics.

For the realization of the curtain we chose Caimi’s Snowsound Fiber sound-absorbing fabric, composed of acoustic fibers designed to interact with the air, objects and in general the environment in which it is located, in order to modulate its sound, improving intelligibility through the reduction of annoying reverberation.

The installation of a double track with manual rope movement allows for side (both sides) or center packing.

Packaging and assembly in cooperation with TMT Interiors.

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Sipario fonoassorbente per sala conferenze - realizzazione riganelli
progettazione e realizzazione correzione acustica con tenda fonoassorbente per dividere due ambienti -riganelli
Tenda realizzata con tessuto fonoassorbente per correzione acustica ambienti - riganelli

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