socrate bibliotech sistema modulare


Socrates Bibliotech is a modular metal system characterized by its extreme flexibility of composition. It is suitable to meet all needs in terms of both space and style. The Socrates system is available in freestanding or wall-mounted versions.

Particularly functional is the Bibliotech version, which offers modular shelving and trolleys particularly suitable for furnishing libraries and bookstores.

Image gallery

socrate display scaffalatura biblioteche e librerie - riganelli - Copia
socrate bibliotech sistema modulare per biblioteche - riganelli - Copia
socrate bibliotech arredamento scaffalatura per biblioteca e libreria - riganelli
Socrate bibliotech carrello per biblioteca - riganelli
socrate bibliotech scaffalatura su ruote per bilioteca libreria - riganelli
Dettaglio socrate bibliotech sorreggi libri - riganelli

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