portamonitor regolabile - riganelli


Adjustable monitor stand: an essential tool for making the workstation comfortable.

The ergonomics of the monitor stand is provided by the possibility of adjusting it in height, tilt and even depth. This provides the ability to maintain a correct “navel flat, chin center” posture, reducing eye and neck fatigue.

It also frees up space on the work surface, thanks to the opportunity to add multiple monitors to a single column.

A perfect combination of functionality and design.

Image gallery

Braccio portamonitor schermo singolo - riganelli
braccio portamonitor due schermi uno sopra l'altro in colonna - riganelli
braccio portamonitor snodabile - riganelli
braccio portamonitor snodabile due schermi - riganelli
portamonitor regolabile
Portamonitor regolabile con viti da inserire nel piano - riganelli
Braccio portamonitor con morsetto - Riganelli Ufficio
Morsetto e vite passante attraverso il piano per braccio portamonitor - Riganelli Uffici

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