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Lux is a modular furniture system designed to be configured into reception desk or speakers’ table.

Lux reception desk

The style of Lux is elegant and minimal. The reception desk has a simple, linear shape, but is enhanced by a shelf element surrounded by a wraparound light. Thus Lux welcomes guests with fine and refined finishes.

Lux speaker table

This system is widely configurable through alternating tops and corner elements. Thus, Lux is also the ideal counter for the conference room, as a speakers’ table that can be equipped for the passage of electrical cables and has an elevating top.

Image gallery

Lux banco reception led sala d'attesa - riganelli
Lux reception minimal con finiture eleganti e luce -riganelli
Lux reception angolare minimalista -riganelli
Lux reception con luce led -riganelli
Lux reception multipostazione -riganelli
Lux reception nera con marmo bianco -riganelli
Lux banco reception lineare componibile -riganelli
Lux bancone reception elegante -riganelli
Lux bancone recepiton minimal bianco con luce - riganelli
Lux bancone reception e bancone relatori - riganelli
Lux tavolo relatori bancone nero minimal -riganelli
Lux bancone per sala conferenza minimal -riganelli

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