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Lighting plays a key role in any environment.

It is essential to have a good source of light, natural or artificial, in order to reduce eye fatigue and thus headaches and feelings of tiredness. In particular, the use of technical lamps ensure that light is spread evenly and in shades similar to natural light.

Our floor, desk and ceiling lighting systems are ideal for office, store and home furnishings.

In addition, during daylight hours, natural light can be properly directed with the installation of technical curtains.

Image gallery

Lampada da terra Lilium per ufficio casa sala aspetto attesa - Riganelli Arredamenti
Cindy lampada da terra da tavolo design ufficio casa - Riganelli Arredamenti
Vintage cono doppio cono da terra in ottone design casa ufficio - Riganelli Arredamenti
Circle lampada soffitto design ufficio casa - Riganelli Arredamenti
Sally lampada da tavolo ufficio casa design - Riganelli Arredamenti
Harry lampada da tavola design ufficio casa - Riganelli Arredamenti

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