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Klipp is a multipurpose chair ideal for meeting room and conference room. In fact it has numerous features dedicated to flexibility. Among these we see the possibility of configuration with folding sides, for space-saving seating when not needed.

In addition, the addition of casters and a panic board completes its practicality.

Klipp can be made in numerous coverings including eco-leather that can be sanitized with disinfectant products or 70% water and ethyl alcohol solutions.

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klipp poltroncine per sala conferenze -riganelli
klipp poltroncine sala riunione -riganelli
klipp poltroncina con tavoletta antipanico per sala conferenze -riganelli
klipp poltroncina sala convegni -riganelli
klipp poltroncina sala riunione -riganelli
klipp poltroncina richiudibile -riganelli
klipp sedia richiudibile sala riunione -riganelli
klipp poltroncina su ruote per sala riunione -riganelli
klipp poltroncina in tessuto con piedi -riganelli

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