Euclideo scrivania direzionale classica e futuristica -riganelli


Euclidean is an executive desk that transforms into a real sculpture, becoming a protagonist in the environment.

Two parts: a futuristic suspended work surface contrasts with the storage unit, which also optically counterbalances its balance.

Euclidean is made in numerous types of wood, from exotic to more traditional. A unique and exclusive executive office.

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Euclideo scrivania direzionale classica e futuristica -riganelli
Euclideo scrivania direzionale con piano sospeso -riganelli
Euclideo scrivania direzionale di design - riganelli
Euclideo ufficio direzionale con piano sospeso senza gambe -riganelli
Euclideo ufficio direzionale scrivania con piano sospeso e mobile contenitore -riganelli

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