Fioriera ecofriendly


New ecofriendly storage systems are technologically integrated to naturally purify the air in the office.

The “green” technology is contained within the planters that complement the storage furniture. In particular, an innovative forced mechanical ventilation system produces a flow of air that is “naturally” filtered when pushed through the planter.

In addition, the planter has a built-in wireless device that enables it to connect with common devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Through the use of an app, the user can program the system to turn on and off, but also monitor the presence of pollutants in the air, temperature, and humidity.

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soluzione ecofriendly per purificare aria in ufficio con archivio - riganelli
archivio ecofriendly per purificare aria - riganelli
Fioriera con tecnologia itair per purificare aria - riganelli
Ventola meccanica per purificazione aria in ufficio - riganelli
Fioriera con tecnologia purificazione aria - riganelli

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