socrate libreria di design nera per casa ufficio negozio -riganelli


arredo negozio cartolibreria - riganelli


We designed and built this Stationery Store in the province of Fermo. Tobacconist's shop furnishings, stationery shop, copy shop: how much does furniture affect a business open to the public?
Bancone reception negozio di ricambi fermo-riganelli


We completed the d├ęcor of D.R.A. S.r.l., an auto parts store located in Porto Sant'Elpidio in the province of Fermo, dealing with the most important part: customer reception! So we developed a counter with simple, well-defined lines. The white chosen…
Arredo farmacia e parafarmacia - riganelli


In designing the furniture of this Parapharmacy, we studied a solution to make the room appear larger. In this regard, we chose a furniture system with shelves. In this way we were able to make maximum use of the walls…
progettazione e arredo negozi contract - riganelli


Riganelli designed and built the furniture for this clothing store. In particular, he chose to use hanging systems that are easy and quick to install but above all functional.
6_sistemi componibili per arredo negozio - riganelli


Riganelli created the furniture for Nevit's, a men's and women's clothing store located in Campiglione di Fermo. Through the use of this modular furniture system, it was possible to take advantage of the entire usable surface area, making hangers, shelves…

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