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How does the design process work from start to finish?

Riganelli’s design process follows several key steps to ensure that your project is successfully implemented and in line with your expectations. Below is an overview of the process steps from start to finish:

Initial Contact: First, contact us via our website, phone, e-mail or by visiting our showroom. During this initial contact, we will discuss your needs and the type of project you would like to implement.

Consultation and needs analysis: Next, we will offer a consultation to discuss your needs, expectations and preferences in more detail. At this stage, we will gather all the information necessary to understand your project and ideas.

Site survey and survey: If necessary, we will conduct a site survey at your property to assess the space, collect measurements and technical information, and identify any project challenges or constraints.

Project development: With all the information gathered, our designers will begin to develop the project, creating customized design proposals that reflect your needs and preferences. This may include drawings, 3D visualizations, choice of materials and colors, and cost estimates.

Presentation and review: We will present the developed design to you, discussing the details and proposed solutions together. At this stage, you can provide feedback and suggestions for any changes or adjustments you wish to make to the project.

Project approval: Once you are satisfied with the design and proposed solutions, you will approve the project and we will proceed to the next stage.

Materials ordering and supply: At this stage, we order all materials and furniture needed for your project, coordinating with suppliers and making sure everything is ready for installation.

Installation and assembly: Our team of trained professionals will take care of the installation and assembly of all project elements, carefully following the approved project specifications.

Delivery and after-sales support: Upon completion of the installation, we will deliver the space to you furnished and ready for use, providing all the necessary information for the maintenance and use of the furniture and furnishings. Our team will remain at your disposal for any questions or after-sales assistance.

The design process with Riganelli is designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that your project is built to your expectations and meets your needs.

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