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How do you choose furniture and accessories for your design projects?

We choose furniture and accessories for our design projects taking into account several important factors:

Style and theme: We identify the style and theme of the project based on our clients’ needs and preferences. Our designers are experts in various styles, such as modern, classic, minimalist, industrial and others, thanks to the training and professional development they receive every year.

Market knowledge: Our staff regularly attends international trade shows, allowing us to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in interior design, furniture and accessories. This knowledge enables us to offer our clients innovative and high-quality solutions.

Functionality and ergonomics: We choose furniture and accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable, practical and functional for space users.

Proportions and dimensions: We take into account the size and proportions of spaces when selecting furniture and accessories, ensuring that they fit perfectly into the available space and help create visual balance.

Materials and finishes: We pay special attention to the choice of materials and finishes to ensure the quality and durability of furniture and accessories, as well as to reflect the chosen style.

Harmony and Coherence: We strive to create harmonious and coherent environments by selecting furniture and accessories that perfectly complement each other and the overall theme of the space.

Budget: We consider the budget available for the project and try to strike a balance between quality and cost, selecting furniture and accessories that fit the budget without compromising aesthetics and functionality.

Customization: Thanks to our experience and skills gained through continuing education, we are able to incorporate custom or bespoke elements into our designs to reflect our clients’ taste and lifestyle and create unique and eye-catching spaces.

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